Hate Exercise? Six Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get in Shape without Hitting the Gym.

No matter where you turn, you hear that you should exercise for at least 30 minutes  a day.

Well, what if you’re busy or what if you really hate the idea of going to the gym and sweating with a bunch of strangers?  Here are some suggestions to get you moving.

Increase How Much You Walk
Increase the amount of time you spend walking every day to stay in shape. Instead of spending another dull lunch at your desk or cafeteria, put on your sneakers and take a quick walk around your office building during your lunch hour. On the weekend, take a morning walk before you start your list of errands and walk to your grocery store to burn even more calories.

Play with Your Kids or Pets
Kids and dogs never stop moving. Spend the afternoon at park with your kids or take your dog to the dog park.  You would be surprised how many calories you burn chasing after your kid or pet. Plus, spending time with kids and pets is a lot more fun than running on a treadmill.

Added Tip: Make your time at the park even more of a workout by adding some fun activities to the mix. For example, challenge kids to race from the top of a hill to the bottom, or to run from the swings to the see-saw.

Dance The Night Away
Dancing is a great way to burn fat, increase muscle tone and improve flexibility. So make your weekends work for you and hit the club. Clubbing not your scene?  Turn on your favorite music and shimmy the night away at home.

Park Faster

Next time you pull into a busy parking lot, save yourself the time and hassle of driving around in circles looking for a spot near the door. Instead, take the first one you see on the edge of the lot. It’s a longer walk to the store, but that walk will do your body good—and you’ll save some gas too!

Stand Up Hands-Free

Getting up from a chair is something we do countless times a day. From now on, get up without using your hands. Instead, stick your arms out straight in front of you at shoulder height and squeeze your glutes and abs as you rise from sitting to standing. It may seem like nothing, but these body areas will get a little workout every time.

Just Do Ten

Many non-exercisers think that there’s no point in moving unless they’re going to run for an hour or do 3 repeats of 50 crunches. Truth is, starting with smaller, more manageable goals is the best way to fall into the fitness habit. Try doing 10 jumping jacks or 10 sit-ups or 10 leg lifts. Who knows—10 might begin feeling so easy, you’ll want to do more.

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