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What Is Road Trip Insurance?

The great American road trip is an adventure many families will take at least once before the kids leave the nest. For others, road trips are just a part of their job. Regardless of the reason, here are five good reasons to consider road trip insurance before you hit the highways.

Lost Luggage – Certainly lost luggage is more associated with flying than driving. However, luggage could get damaged during a long cross-country trip. More likely is the potential of theft from your vehicle or hotel.

Unforeseen Delays ­– Certain policies will cover costs if you are unable to reach your destination. Not only could you be out the cost of a non-refundable accommodation, but you may also have to pay for replacement accommodations if the road to be traveled is impassable due to blizzard, storm surge, wildfire, or other specified condition.

Medical Emergencies – Most health insurance plans offer some coverage even if you are outside of your network. What is often not covered are higher deductibles, coinsurance, and the cost for emergency medical evacuations. After reviewing your health insurance, the next step is to determine if road trip insurance can fill in any gaps.

Unexpected Cancellation – Circumstances may arise which may prevent you from hitting the road in the first place. Many insurers offer to pay for non-refundable payments if you must cancel your travel plans for specific reasons such as personal or family emergencies.  

Rental Car Travel Coverage – Your personal automobile insurance policy may already cover rental cars. However, if you are not careful, there could be a major gap for comprehensive damage or the rental car company’s loss of use, not to mention increased rates for years to come if you became involved in an accident.

Buying road trip insurance is a great idea to provide peace of mind while exploring the open road. As you’re planning your next adventure, contact my office to help determine if road trip insurance may be worthwhile protection for you and your family.

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